Freida Pinto’s Startling Comments On Why The #MeToo Movement Might Not Be Possible In Bollywood

Hollywood actress Freida Pinto, who is busy promoting her latest release Love Sonia, spoke about the #MeToo controversy, which shook Hollywood to its core. Here's what she has to say about it, and also why it isn't that successful in Bollywood

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Freida Pinto’s Startling Comments On Why The #MeToo Movement Might Not Be Possible In Bollywood
Freida Pinto has been in India since the past few weeks promoting her latest flick Love Sonia. During one of her recent interviews to Indian Express, Freida spoke about the biggest controversy that rocked Hollywood last year - the #MeToo movement. Not just that, she even explained why such a movement might not be possible in Bollywood.

“I refuse to work with someone that I know is a repeat offender. I wish I could do the same here (in India),” Freida said during her interview to Indian Express. She acknowledged the fact that Hollywood empowers the actors and actresses much more than it happens in Bollywood. “The whole MeToo movement in the West was possible because there was a lot of support, and a lot of research went into it. We all know who the people are in India. It is the same way everyone knew it was Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood, but someone had the courage, and in this case Ronan Farrow (journalist with The New Yorker) to get deep into his research and get support for these women and support them when that story would come out. You tell me one journalist in India who would do that and put his career on the line,” added Freida while speaking to the portal.

She also mentioned it is important to note that the female actors who came out first with their tales of harassment were already out of work. “The girls that came out first after the MeToo movement were the girls who had experienced something and were not working already. The girls that are active here came out much later. The known actresses should be grateful and thankful to the ones who had the courage to come out,” Freida said during the interview.

For those who've come in late, towards the closing months of last year Ronan Farrow’s articles in The New Yorker helped bring to the limelight the sexual abuse allegations which were being levied against Hollywood’s hotshot producer Harvey Weinstein. Once the news was out in the open, actors and actresses started going online and sharing their stories about having faced harassment at work and putting their stories with the caption #MeToo. It became a global phenomenon, and many Bollywood stars also spoke about it. However, none of them took names.

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