Guess What May Be The Title Of The Next Golmaal!

This is mostly the next title in the Golmaal series. Noted Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani has a adviced Rohit Shetty. It is a known fact that Shetty has implicit faith In Jumaani’s abilities

Golmaal Again has touched the sky. The film continues to do roaring business no prizes for guessing that the makers are already thinking about the  next one in line.

According to Sanjay B Jumaani’s latest post on social media, the next Golmaal will have an important P in it.

sanjay b jumaani with rohit shetty
Sanjay B Jumaani With Rohit Shetty

Jumaani has apparently used his magic but now with some logic has it that the 5th Golmaal may be titled Golmaal Phir Se.

Golmaal Again has particularly been beneficial to financer Raju Shah who had obtained the negatives of the franchise from Shree Ashtavinayak when its head honchos Raj Mehta And Dhillin Mehta were arrested for several hanky-panky deals about 3 years ago. The (in)famous duo is still in jail.

golmaal again poster
Golmaal Again Poster

Coming back to Golmaal Phir Se, the makers are likely to register the title soonest unless Jumaani pulls another rabbit out of his hat in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Golmaal Again is expected 100cr mark mostly by tonight