Here's What Happened When Priyanka Chopra Visited Dilip Kumar

Dilip saab's wife Saira Banu talks about Priyanka Chopra's visit to see her ailing husband, EXCLUSIVELY to The senior actress is all praise for Piggy Chops- and why not?

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Here's What Happened When Priyanka Chopra Visited Dilip Kumar
Last night, we spoke to Saira Banu at length. First things first. How is Dilip saab? The senior actor has just come out from the hospital after giving all his fans a big scare. "Well, he isn't doing too well at the moment," Saira Banu began.

We believe, it was tough at Lilavati Hospital this time. "Frankly, it has been tough every time that he got admitted," Saira Banu said matter-of-factly

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra have been among the many who visited the thespian. Priyanka visited him recently and Saira Banu is very happy about it. 

priyanka chopra visits dilip kumar and saira banu at their home
Priyanka Chopra Visits Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu At Their Home

Talking about Priyanka's visit, Saira Banu told, "Priyanka came in with her mother Dr Madhu Chopra. She was supposed to leave for abroad the same night, but showed no signs of any fuss that she has to do packing, reach the airport or anything of that sort. She sat in a very relaxed manner. She was here for nearly 2 hours."

Saira Banu further said that Priyanka had sent her flowers on August 20 on her birthday, Saira Banu and Priyanka's father (late) Dr Ashok Chopra share the same birthday. Along with the flowers, she had sent out a note that she would like to visit Dilip saab.  "Priyanka comes from an Army background and that shows in her body language and manners. She says that she considers me as her parent. She is such a cultured girl. She has gone out of her away every year to greet me on Diwali, New Year and many other occasions.

priyanka chopra visits dilip kumar at his home
Priyanka Chopra

Saira Banu knew Dr Ashok Chopra quite well. "When Dilip saab had got admitted to Lilavati about 10 years ago, Dr Ashok Chopra was working as a senior manager in that hospital."

Added Saira Banu, "Today's youth in Bollywood is so busy, especially Priyanka if you consider her number of national and international commitments together. Yet, she dropped by to see my husband. I think that's great on her part."

priyanka chopra visits dilip kumar and saira banu at their home

Priyanka Chopra At Dilip Kumar' House

If all had gone well, Priyanka and Dilip Kumar would have acted together in a film starring Ajay Devgn, some years ago. "I had first seen Priyanka at the mahurat of that film--- but unfortunately that project didn't take off. I loved her in Bajirao Mastani, she was stunning in her dance with Deepika Padukone and her histrionics were so brilliant. Priyanka is a tremendous actress."

When Dilip saab saw Priyanka at his house a few days ago, Saira said that 'he smiled'. "He gave responses to her; he was very happy to see her," she revealed.

priyanka chopra meets dilip kumar at his home
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has been a part of Dilip saab's social circle since the past few years. She was a part of his 89th birthday bash and a special guest at his book launch. "Didn't she look stunning in that black-and-white sareee on that day?" Saira Banu asked.

Back to Dilip saab's health. "I am extremely touched by the love and prayers of millions for Dilip saab. Some people are fasting for his good health, some have even gone on padyatras," Saira Banu concluded.

Image Source: APH Images & twitter/TheDilipKUmar