Hey Kangana The Court Battle Is Not Over Yet, Says Hrithik

Recent reports have claimed that the legal tiff between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is set to peter out but Hrithik has refused to bow out of the court battle

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Hey Kangana The Court Battle Is Not Over Yet, Says Hrithik
Just when we thought that we had heard the last of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut's public war of legal notices, Hrithik has fired an unexpected salvo.

Recent reports claimed that the legal squabble between the two exes, where each accused each the other of defamation, may come to a dead end, thanks to "lack of evidence".

Hrithik obviously has no plans to let bygones be bygones. The actor's legal team has released a statement saying that they are still pursuing the case and have no plans to close it. Interestingly, they accused Kangana of spreading rumours that the case has come to a dead end.

The Mahesh Jethmalani-led legal team that represents Roshan Jr. categorically stated that the police is still investigating the matter.

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Here is is the full statement from Hrithik's team: "Media reports which suggest that the investigation into the Hrithik - Kangana emails is closed, are totally false. A section of the media in connivance with Ms. Ranaut's lawyer have sought to disseminate this false information. The investigation in fact continues and Mr. Saxena (Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime) has informed Mr. Mahesh
Jethmalani , Senior Counsel advising Mr. Roshan that, 'the case is not yet closed. Investigation is still going on.' It is categorically asserted that there is unimpeachable evidence to suggest that there was no relationship of any kind between Mr. Roshan and Ms. Ranaut and that Ms. Ranaut persistently hounded Mr. Roshan on emails with the intention to entice him into a relationship."

This statement comes after a long period of silence from Hrithik and we suspect that he has gathered ammunition which is bound to blow Kangana's side of the story. The ball is in Kangana's court now.

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