Hrithik Roshan Releases The Trailer Of Vikram Phadnis’ Marathi Directorial Debut, Hrudayantar

Now, that’s what good friends do, isn’t it? Hrithik Roshan unveiled the trailer of his good friend and fashion designer, Vikram Phadnis directorial debut, Hrudayantar, yesterday...

Last evening, Hrithik Roshan came out in full support for his friend, Vikram Phadnis.

The renowned fashion designer is all set to release his Marathi film, Hrudayantar, which will mark his debut as a director too. The film is based on relationship, heartbreak, divorce and kids. It’s known to all that Hrithik Roshan has faced these emotions in his real life as well. Probably this was the reason that the organizers and Vikram himself were cautious about media questions.

Before the event started, Vikram personally requested the media to stick to questions related to the film.

SpotboyE asked Hrithik Roshan to share his thoughts on the concept of the film and if there is any positive message the film gives out. To which Hrithik gave a very contrasting answer. He replied, “Maine dobaara ye seekha hai ke if you have passion in your heart then, no wall is high enough to climb, no boundary is too strong to cross. Vikram’s journey has been long and there are a few things in this film that has guided me in my life. If you have that strong vision and if you believe in it, then something will happen.”

Err, but we asked something else Hrithik! Anyways, for those who want to know what Hrudayantar actually mean, we shall answer it for you- it means distance within the hearts.

Thumbnail Image Source: Manav Manglani