Hungama 2 Trailer Review: Nothing Funny About Paternity Identity

The trailer of Hungama 2 was dropped today on the net and not many are pleased with the outdated humour that the film serves.

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Hungama 2 Trailer Review: Nothing Funny About Paternity Identity
Priyadarshan’s Hungama  2  comes to us with the promise of a  lot of laughter during these grim times. But the grin to counter the grim in Hungama 2 is so forced it almost seems criminal to be not  LOL-ing and ROFL-ing while watching the trailer. This is humour from the  1980s. It is not even funny. Just a rumour of humour. Hungama 2 seems to be a remake of  Priyadarshan’s 1994 Minnaram in  Malayalam where Mohanlal had played an affable bloke whom a  college friend suddenly accuses of being her child’s father. No one suggests a paternity test. Instead, the alleged father protests while the rest of the characters roll their eyes and try to have fun with parts from which the steam ran out in the 1980s.

Shilpa Shetty plays  Paresh Rawal’s  “hot” wife. She is supposed to be over 40 but behaves like a 17-year-old on speed. I do hope  Ms Shetty has more to do than look “hot” in the film. To see her sizzle in tight dresses we can always check out her Insta account.  I was hoping to see Ms Shetty doing what she is supposed to in Hungama 2. Act. Alas, the trailer seems happy objectifying her middle-aged sexiness. In one song and dance, she is seen grooving to Chura  ke dil mera goriya chali. We get the reference, thank you.

There is plenty of dancing in Hungama 2, and that’s a good thing. Meezan Jaffrey has inherited his father’s dancing shoes. He also seems very confident about his comic timing which is likely to be a  plus in the film. Paresh  Rawal seems to have made a  comeback after a long layoff. He will be seen in two films Toofan and Hungama 2 this month. He seems to be equally comfortable playing the serious coach and the funny clown.

In one sequence of the Hungama 2 trailer, Meezan insists on telling  Rawal what transpired with his wife. “Mujhe nahin sunn-na hai,”  Paresh moans and pleads. After seeing the trailer I feel the same about the film. I am not too sure I want to see Meezan chasing Shilpa Shetty.

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