Inayat Sharma On Haseena: So What If I Wore A BIKINI & A Man Ran His HAND ON MY THIGH?

Yesterday afternoon at NFDC, Censors rejected the upcoming sex comedy Haseena. Its producer Vicky Ranawat went home fuming, but the film’s lead actress Inayat seems unflustered....

‘Haseena - The Queen of Heart' is an upcoming Bollywood sex comedy that was to release on November 10

However, the CBFC has refused to certify the film on grounds of vulgarity. Producer Vicky Ranawat is fuming. He’s contemplating his next move. Should he make the required edits in the film OR approach the tribunal to challenge Censor Board’s decision.

haseena actress inaayat sharma
Inaayat Sharma In Haseena - The Queen of Heart

While the producer is hopping mad, the film’s leading lady is not disturbed by the rejection at all. Inayat Sharma, who made her debut opposite Aamir Khan's brother Faisal Khan in Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq is unapologetic while talking to,

inayat sharma in haseena
Inaayat Sharma In Haseena - The Queen of Heart

“So what if I have said Ch***a? Isn’t it used so commonly nowadays. And it’s hardly a cuss word anymore.  

So what if I have donned a bikini? If certain scenes require me to jump into a pool or a bathtub, surely I won’t drape a saree.

inayat sharma in the upcoming sex comedy haseena
Inaayat Sharma In Haseena - The Queen of Heart

So what if a guy runs his hand on my thigh? I play a con woman in this film, and to phasao him, I have to allure him in a big way!!!”  

Image Source: youtube/zeemusiccompany