Inder Kumar's 'Self Recorded Video On Suicide' Not Real?

A shocking video has emerged on YouTube which exhibits a scene of Inder Kumar drinking away to glory and saying that he ending his life because he is frustrated that he could not succeed in becoming a successful actor. Is this a true video or is it something else? Read on...

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Inder Kumar's 'Self Recorded Video On Suicide' Not Real?

A video by Inder Kumar talking that he is all set to commit suicide is fast going viral. It surface on YouTube sometime back and is headlined with an incorrect spelling of Inder. Yeah, you guessed it right! It is spelt as Indra Kumar, and you may be inclined to think that it is about the producer who produced blockbusters like Dil, Raja, Beta and is now busy churning out Total Dhamaal.

In the video, Inder explains that he is ending his life because he had come to Mumbai to become a popular actor but his aiyashiyan took the better of him and made him an abject failure.

This video is being seen as Inder's self-admission to having committed suicide and may perhaps end up giving rise to several speculations about his premature death which knocked his door on July 28, 2017. Inder was only 44 when he passed away.

But what has come to light to is that the video is mostly a scene from one of Inder's upcoming films, which he shot for sometime back.

inder kumar and wife pallavi
Inder Kumar And Wife Pallavi

At the time of going online, we heard that a press conference in this regard is being planned for either tomorrow or day after, wherein every detail will be revealed by the late actor's wife Pallavi.

inder kumar with wife pallavi and daughter
Inder Kumar With Wife Pallavi And Daughter

Image Source: starsunfolded, youtube/ultraregional

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