Is Karishma Tanna Playing Madhuri Dixit In Sanju? Hear It From The Hottie…

Like always, has the news, straight and upfront, and from the lady herself. Yesterday, when we caught up with Karishma Tanna, she revealed…

Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju is making headlines every single day. Recently, the cast unveiled the trailer of the movie, and it was instant hit on social media. By now, we do know the basic character sketch for the lead cast, but who is Karishma Tanna playing in the film?

Is she indeed playing Madhuri Dixit, as is being speculated?  Well, rumour mills went into a tizzy when Karishma was conspicuous by her absence at the trailer launch of the film. It was believed that the makers wanted to keep her character under wraps, and hence she was it was by design that she was not made a part of the big launch event.

But, like always, has the news, straight and upfront, and from the lady herself. Yesterday, when we caught up with Karishma, she revealed, “Since I was not part of trailer launch, there has been a lot of speculation. But let me tell you I consciously made an effort to avoid being in the media glare. All I can say is that I am playing a very important role in the film. Unfortunately, I can't reveal much about my character. Rajkumar Hirani Sir had mentally prepared me for this kind of speculation, he had warned me about it, so it hasn’t come as a surprise to me.”

You might recall that we were the first ones to tell you that Karishma is a part of Sanju

When we prodded on, Karishma said, “I am mum on Sanju but I can tell you that I would love to do Madhuri Dixit's biopic, whenever it is made, as I also love to dance. She is a diva! I can see the passion for her art on her face, just says so much just through her expressions, and while dancing. Dance gives me the same kind of satisfaction and release.”

Though Karishma opted to keep her lips sealed on Sanju, we did a little digging on her character, and here’s what we found.

A source close to the film informed that Karishma will be playing Jim Sarbh’s girlfriend who later gets involved with Sanjay Dutt’s character played by Ranbir Kapoor.

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Image Source:karishmatanna/sanjufanpage/madhuridixit/instagram