Is Raveena Tandon’s Role In KGF 2 Inspired By Indira Gandhi? - Find Out HERE

Yash starrer KGF 2 is one of the most-awaited films. A source close to us informed us whether or not Raveena Tandon's role in the film is inspired by Indira Gandhi. Read on!

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Is Raveena Tandon’s Role In KGF 2 Inspired By Indira Gandhi? - Find Out HERE
For the longest time, ever since KGF 2  was  announced and Raveena Tandon’s casting as   a scheming  politician was announced,  there have  been reports and speculation  that  she plays  a version of the mighty Mrs Indira Gandhi. Turns  out it’s all a marketing  hoax!

Our source informed us, “Mrs Raveena Tandon Thadani’s character has  nothing to do with Mrs  Gandhi. Every female politician on screen is not Mrs Gandhi, though every female  politician on screen is  bound  to be  inspired by her. She is  by far the most powerful female  politician India has  ever  produced.However Raveena  plays a completely  fictional  character .And this whole  lie  about  Mrs Gandhi must be put to rest.It’s just not true.Raveena  in KGF has  nothing to do with Mrs Gandhi.”

This is  not  the  first time that Raveena has  played a  politician. In Madhur Bhandarkar’s Satta she was cast as  an ambitious  politician. Sources say there are distinct shades  of  grey in her  character  in KGF 2.

When asked about it, the source revealed “She’s thoda evil, thoda ruthless,  a bit of a  manipulator. She plays a  character much smarter than the men who  try to dominate her.But she  is  not anywhere near  Mrs  Gandhi.”

Image source: Instagram/officialraveenatandon