It’s Splitsville For Nora Fatehi & Angad Bedi. Blame It On This Hot Actress...

Till sometime back, Angad Bedi and Nora Fatehi made for a hot couple, who were secretly dating but never confessed to their relationship. However, the two have already broken-up, courtesy this sexy actress...

Here’s another instance of a heart break. Angad Bedi and Nora Fatehi are no more together. Now, this hot couple never openly confessed to their relationship, but insiders reveal that they were quite the ‘it’ couple, till sometime back.

In fact, Angad was always seen introducing Nora as his ‘girlfriend’ whenever they hung out with their friends.

But sadly, all this is passé. Even before they could make their relationship official (if at all they intended to), the couple has broken-up. And the reason for this? -  Same old, third world intrusion! has come to know from its reliable sources that Nora’s close friends are blaming the sexy actor turned host, Neha Dhupia for this split.

You may recall that we had brought you pictures of Neha and Angad, exiting out of an eatery together, a few months back, raising eyebrows about their equation. The couple was also spotted at cricketer Zaheer Khan’s wedding and a video of the couple grooving to London Thumakda went viral too.

And now, we have come to know from our sources that it was indeed Angad’s closeness to Neha which led to a crack between him and Nora.

We hear that Neha and Angad’s growing bond started bothering Nora but the former cricketer kept pacifying her saying that ‘they are just good friends’. But with time, differences grew and the couple decided to break-up.

And now, if sources are to be believed, Neha & Angad are dating each other ‘unofficially’ while Nora is busy enjoying her singlehood.

Well, let’s see where this budding relationship heads now!

Image Source: instagram/norafatehi & instagram/angadbedi