Janhvi Kapoor: In My School Days, People Would Think I Was Schizophrenic

During an interview with a leading daily, Janhvi Kapoor, who is gearing up for her Bollywood debut Dhadak, recalled school memories and shared an incident when her friends thought she is schizophrenic...

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Janhvi Kapoor: In My School Days, People Would Think I Was Schizophrenic

Janhvi Kapoor, who is gearing up for Bollywood debut Dhadak, which will hit theatres on Friday (July 20), is on her toes with co-star Ishaan Khatter to promote the film across India. During promotions, the actress spoke about her family, work, mom Sridevi, Arjun and Anshula Kapoor.

While in conversation with Bombay Times, when asked if she always aspired to be an actress, she said, “As a child, I didn’t think of being an actor, even my mom didn’t want me to. However, I think in my head I already thought that I was an actor. In my school days, people would think that I was schizophrenic, because I would make up these wack stories. I remember, calling up my friend and saying that I am a secret agent and that I need to spy on someone in school. They would believe me. Once I told my friends that Shakira has flown down to Mumbai to personally teach me belly dancing, so now, I can teach all of you. My friends’ parents called up mom and asked, ‘You got Shakira down? How is she? That’s so cool, could you send Janhvi home so she can teach my daughter’. My mom would be amused by all my stories. I was like this comedy character at home.”

Further, when the actress was asked about Arjun and Anshula Kapoor coming close to her dad Boney and sister Khushi Kapoor, after the loss of Sridevi, the actress said, “Touchwood! My family gives me strength and courage. (Pauses)… I get emotional when I talk about them. Khushi and I are very different. I am the kid in our family, and everyone treats her as the more responsible and independent one. I am the one that needs to be babied, and my mom shared that equation with me. She liked to baby me, as she knew that Khushi was too independent. I would tell her… mamma khana chahiye, mamma ni-ni nahin aa rahi hai. I am still like that, and now Khushi and papa have stepped into that role. My whole family has supported me so much; I want to really make them proud.”

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