Kader Khan's Health: Talks With Difficulty, Understands Only Son & Daughter-In-Law, Recognises Everyone

This is the update on Kader Khan's health. The man needs no introduction and we all hope and pray that he is always happy. Kader saab does not stay in India anymore but SpotboyE.com has been tracking this story and getting you fresh updates ever since rumours broke out last year that he was seriously ill

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Kader Khan's Health: Talks With Difficulty, Understands Only Son & Daughter-In-Law, Recognises Everyone

We spoke to Kader Khan's daughter-in-law Shahista in Canada, last night, inquiring about his current health status. The lady was frank and forthcoming. Revealed Shahista, "He talks with difficulty, understands only my husband and me, but recognises everyone."

However, there is no cause for worry. Kader Khan's vital parameters are stable, it's just old age. Added Shahista, "He is happy and cheerful. My kids Saima, Hamza and I treat him like a baby."

kader khan with son sarfaraz
Kader Khan Latest Picture With His Son Sarfaraz In Canada

Rewind. Not too long ago, Kader Khan's son Sarfaraz had told us, after 
we broke the story about him barely being able to walk, "Yes, my dad is facing difficulty in walking. We have to provide him support from both sides. After a few steps, he demands that he wants to sit again. He is scared that he will fall."

Prior to that, Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi (where KK was seen in an important portrayal) producer Fauzia Arshi has been talking on behalf of Kader saab and this had not gone well with Kader saab's family members. Anyway.

kader khan in canada
Kader Khan's Latest  Pic Form Canada

Talking further, Sarfraz recounted the knee surgery which Kader saab had a few years ago. He explained, "The surgery did not go wrong. It was just that my father refused to get up after the surgery. We were told that he has to make an effort and try to start walking from the next day. He just didn't do that and...," he trailed off.

"But I must say that he is otherwise absolutely okay. There is nothing to worry about. He is leading a very happy and luxurious life with me, my wife and our kids," he quickly added.

update on kader khan s health
Kader Khan

Any chances of Kader saab returning to India and doing a film or two, we asked? "My father is a Canadian citizen and he is being well- looked-after in Canada. Inshallah, we will definitely come for few days- but I don't think that he'll do any film hereafter. He was quite disillusioned with the industry and took a step back, long ago."

What was Kader saab disillusionment about, we asked? "Well, the industry started functioning quite differently. The corporates came in, dosti-yaari sab khatam ho gayi, and it was just kaam se kaam. This put him off completely. Many of his well-wishers reasoned with him- but he was adamant."

kader khan son sarfarz talks about his health
Kader Khan

And how is Kader saab's memory? Does he remember his friends- Govinda and Shakti Kapoor? "It's fine. He does remember them," and then Sarfraz  concluded to say, "Lekin haan, bolne mein woh aajkal bahut slow bolte hain.