Kangana Ranaut Inflicted Wounds Have Not Healed; Simran Writer Apurva Asrani Resurfaces To Say, "Her Game Is Brutal"

In a series of tweets, Simran writer Apruva Asrani has come out in support of director Krish, who has been slamming Kangana Ranaut for ruining the period drama in her quest to direct the film

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Kangana Ranaut Inflicted Wounds Have Not Healed; Simran Writer Apurva Asrani Resurfaces To Say, "Her Game Is Brutal"
After the release of Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi, the film’s director Krish has been slamming the actress for hijacking his film. In an interview with SpotboyE.com, the director revealed what went wrong in the making of the film. This was the first time Krish spoke at length about Kangana Ranaut and her game plan.

And now, there is someone else too, who was once upon a time inflicted by Ranaut, and has resurfaced now to give his opinion on the controversy. And it is none other than, Simran writer, Apurva Asrani. 

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

You may recall, in May 2017, writer-editor Apurva Asrani had accused Kangana of discrediting his work by claiming it to be her own. Later, Kangana had denied the allegations. We had brought to you exclusive interviews of the director, where he bared it all about the actress and her doings. Since, Krish is taking a stand against Kangana, Asrani has come in support of the director.

Apurva Asrani
Apurva Asrani

Apurva has taken to social media and slammed the Simran actress in a series of tweets. His tweets read as follows, “Whats going to hurt more brother Krish is that she will run a vicious smear campaign to destroy your credibility. And worse, a large section of the media, esp the pseudo feminists, will ignore your story like they did when Ketan Mehta & then I claimed she hijacked our films. Sad.”

“Director #Krish exposes how #KanganRanaut hijacked #Manikarnika. This is exactly what she did on Simran too. Waited for me to complete the cut (minus patchwork), told me how much she loved it, then had me thrown out by coluding wth producer-before she went onto screw up the film.” reads his second tweet.

Another one says, “This is painful, yet cathartic. I wrote #Simran with a passion similar to the man in the video. But an insecure #KanganaRanaut started deleting other actors lines on set & made it about her. Krish explains in frustration how she cut out historical characters from #Manikarnika too”

Not only this, Asrani also blames Hansal for teaming up with Kangana. He wrote, “Hansal Mehta, THIS is the mindfuck you & Kangana put me through on Simran which led me to a breakdown. If you had the courage to stand up then, we could have weathered many more storms together. I salute Krish's courage & goodness, especially when he talks of his team. #catharsis”

Pooja Bhatt and Bejoy Nambiar have also come out in support of Asrani. Sharing a video clip, Bhatt has written, “This is so wrong... on every level... this is not the industry I was born to and not the industry I wish to inherit. Eventually it is credit we work for... money comes & money goes... the first rule of filmmaking is to acknowledge people’s contribution.” 

Asrani then thanked the actress-turned-filmmaker for her support. He said, “Thankyou for finally acknowledging this. I had yearned for your support when she did this to me 2 years ago too. But still, I'm happy to see this condemnation from you.” 

Pooja then apologised for not lending her support during Simran fiasco. She said, “Am sorry if it seemed like I was being reticent with regards to my support then. The details of that situation,even though spelt out by all seemed murky to me which is why I didn’t jump in. Though I always maintained that Hansal’s silence felt odd & rather unjust.” 

Re-tweeting her apology post, Asrani wrote, “Her game is brutal. She first plays the victim & wins your trust. You give your all, sacrifice all other work, because she seems lovely. Then when you're ready with a film you nurtured/created, she has you thrown out. Then she uses the press & trolls to character assasinate you.”

While filmmaker Bejoy wrote, “This is just heartbreaking to watch ! No one should have to go through something like this. After #Simran & @Apurvasrani ‘s episode this is the 2nd time someone is calling her out. EARN your credit & GIVE credit where it’s due #KanganaRanaut”

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