Karan Johar Reveals The Origin Of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives; Says He Came Up With The Idea While Going For A Chautha

Did you know Karan Johar came up with the idea of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives while going for a chautha? KJo reveals that he realized that Maheep Kapoor, Neelam Kothari, Seema Khan, Bhavana Panday were ‘completely crazy’

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Karan Johar Reveals The Origin Of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives; Says He Came Up With The Idea While Going For A Chautha
Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Lives on Netflix, has been among one of the most-talked-about shows. While some loved it, some found it frivolous and watched the series just to troll it. But one thing is for sure- people couldn’t ignore it! The show gave a sneak -peek into the lives of Maheep Kapoor, Neelam Kothari, Bhavana Pandey and Seema Khan. But do you know how Karan Johar came up with the idea of the show? Apparently, he thought of it while he was heading for a condolence meet with Maheep, Bhavana, Seema and Neelam.

During a recent Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives reunion on Clubhouse, Karan Johar revealed that while they were going for the condolence meet, they were discussing their outfits. He said that while it was inappropriate and idiotic, it was a lot of fun. He realized the four of them are so crazy, that they should have a show of their own. “I want to tell you, the origin of this show happened on a flight. We took a flight to Delhi, we were actually going for a condolence meeting. One of our friends lost their father. We were on a flight to Delhi and that’s when I realised, and I have always known it, that these four women are completely crazy,” he said.

Karan Johar then mentioned that they were all discussing their attires, much like Madhur Bhandarkar’s Page 3, pointing out that Neelam had too much shine on her white kurta or that Maheep was underdressed for the chautha. He said that it was so much fun that he decided that the four of them have to be on a show together. “They made something even like a chautha sound like such a massive problem in what they were wearing to what was happening. And it was like they were talking nonsense. And then when we reached, we had to play-act that we were really sad, and on our flight back, we were talking rubbish,” he said.

Meanwhile, in March, Netflix announced the second season of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. Neelam Kothari took to her Instagram and wrote, “We're coming back baby! Bigger, better and as fabulous as ever! #FabulousLivesOfBollywoodWives is returning!” ALSO READ: Seema Khan's Birthday: Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Co-Stars Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Panday, Neelam Kothari Arrive At The Bash; Malaika Arora, Ananya Panday Join In

Image Source: Instagram/Karan Johar/Neelam Kothari