Kareena Kapoor Comes To The RESCUE Of An Ailing Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have become best of friends while working on Veere Di Wedding. This sweet gesture by Bebo is proof...

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Kareena Kapoor Comes To The RESCUE Of An Ailing Sonam Kapoor

This morning, Sonam Kapoor tweeted to Richa Chadha that she has been suffering from bronchitis when the actress was talking about the increasing pollution in the city.

Richa tweeted, “Anyone else seeing the haze over Mumbai?Past few days I have been having trouble breathing,feels like we’re eating/inhaling talcum powder (sic).”

 Sonam replied, “Have never had breathing issues in my life. But have been wheezing and developed bronchitis. It’s so scary (sic).”

 Kareena Kapoor who is working with Sonam on Veere Di Wedding, has a solution to the problem. Bebo gifted Sonam a humidifier which purifies air and will help improving her health. Sonam in return, thanked Bebo for the super cute gesture. She took to her Instagram story to the actress.

sonam kapoor
Bebo gifts Sonam Kapoor a humidifier

A few days ago, Sonam dismissed the rumours of catfight on-the-sets of Veere Di Wedding. She took to Twitter to vent out her anger in a long post. “Dear websites, you can put out as many 'blind items' (a.k.a gossip you were too lazy to fact check) as you like pitting women against each other, it may get you clicks but it won't be the truth. Must you insist on shoving this tired patriarchal concept of women fighting into our film (which is not about road trip) as if grown, intelligent women have nothing better to do,” she wrote. “We will continue be actual friends and try and make a kick ass movie and prove that women can work with each other, get along and have a blast. Because we can, we are and we will continue to. And On schedule. Please keep in mind how outdated, irresponsible and harmful your narrative is and frustrating for a culture of women who actually want to work together. There is no place for it anymore,” she further wrote.

Coming back to the story, Kareena Kapoor gesture surely made us go awww.

Image Source: instagram/sonamkapoor_fc/kareenakapoorfans