Kriti Sanon Recalls The Time When Raabta Failed, How She Sulked With Her Late Co-Actor Sushant Singh Rajput Over A Bottle Of Wine

Read what happened when Kriti Sanon sulked for Raabta’s failure with her co-star Sushant Singh Rajput over a bottle of wine

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Kriti Sanon Recalls The Time When Raabta Failed, How She Sulked With Her Late Co-Actor Sushant Singh Rajput Over A Bottle Of Wine
Actress Kriti Sanon has proved her mettle since her debut movie, thus becoming one of the bankable actresses in Bollywood in current times. During her interaction with film critic, Anupama Chopra on Film Companion, she recalled the time when her movie Raabta had miserably failed at the box office. Narrating the aftermath of it, she shared meeting her co-star Sushant Singh Rajput and director Dinesh Vijan to analyze what really went wrong. The actress shares sulking, as their director called them over a bottle of wine. 

The actress on Film Companion revealed how she had suggested the makers rethink the flashback sequence in the movie, but they did not consider her opinion. She had suggested that the flashbacks won’t do much to the film, hence when the trio met after the film’s commercial failure, Kriti reminded them of it. The Mimi said, “You have to accept what has happened. You’re making films for the audience, you can’t say unko samajh nahi aayi (they didn’t understand). Agar unko samajh nahi aayi tumhari galti hai (It’s your fault if they didn’t understand). You can’t say, ‘We were ahead of our time’. No, you’re making films for that time, you have to connect to the audience. Where did you fail? You have to figure that out.”

She continued, “It was a funny night. We were all sulking, we were depressed, we’d gone through really bad reviews and we didn’t know what to say. Dino was just like, ‘Aajao yaar, mood kharab hai (Come over, guys, I’m in a bad mood)’. We went there and opened a bottle of wine. Dino said, ‘I think it’s the flashbacks, I should have made it simple. Why did we go tribal?’ Earlier, there was a draft that had a normal raaja-raani. It’s more relatable to people, right? But we felt like we wanted to go a little different… I was having a glass of wine, and I said, ‘I told you this!'”

The actress shares failure of Raabta was a learning experience for her, also the movie helped her develop a habit which her late co-star Sushant Singh Rajput had. The late actor used to make notes of the scripts he worked in, she too began with this process after Raabta. ALSO READ: Say What! Amitabh Bachchan RENTS Out His Andheri Duplex To Kriti Sanon; Amount That Actress Has Paid As Security Deposit Will Leave You Stunned

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