Mira & Shahid's Childhood Pics Prove That Misha Is A Spitting Image Of The Two

A collage of Shahid & Mira's childhood pics along with a pic of their little one Misha is trending on social media. It's uncanny, Misha looks so much like her parents. Check out the pic right here...

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's little munchkin Misha is a celebrity on social media. A certain fan club managed to source Shahid and Mira's childhood pics and combined them in a collage with Misha's picture. The resemblance is uncanny and will make you go wow. Check out the picture:

Now, doesn't the Kapoor family look super cute?

Shahid spoke about his funny equation with his daughter a couple of days back at the GQ Style Awards. When asked about what his daughter would think about his style statement when she grew up, he said, “You know the thing with style is that some things always stay in style… So many years later when my daughter is as old as Alia is today and I am not dressed that well and she doesn’t think I am so fashionable and she tells me, ‘You know Dad, you need to change the way you dress’, I am going to find this dusty little trophy lying somewhere and I’ll tell her ‘Many years back I got one of these. So, you can tell me what to wear when you get one of these’.”

Coming back to today's viral pic, we think Misha looks like a spitting image of her parents. Agree? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Source: Instagram/pyarshasha/mira.kapoor