Nadeem To Take Legal Action For Suggesting Association With Dawood Ibrahim?

Gulshan Kumar murder accused Nadeem Saifi has begun speaking to lawyers and may soon take the legal route against the media outlet that alluded his association with underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim

Earlier this week, it was reported that Nadeem Saifi of Nadeem-Shravan fame has been enjoying protection of the absconding mafia, Dawood Ibrahim.

Nadeem has been living in exile since being named a co-suspect in the shooting death of the music baron by a hit squad in Mumbai on August 12, 1997. Three assailants fired 16 gunshots into Kumar, killing him instantly outside a temple.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with, the musician had termed these allegations “rubbish and misinformation”.

Now, according to a report in mid-day, Nadeem is planning to take legal action against the media publication that alluded to his association with Dawood Ibrahim. "I am consulting my lawyers. If they advice me to do so, I may take action," said Nadeem.

Furthermore, in our interview, he had also addressed the call intercepts dating back to 2015, which speaks of a reference to a certain "Ustad” and “London Friend”. “Kuch bhi. How can it be interpreted like that? Would 'London Friend' and 'Ustad' mean only one man on earth, Nadeem Saifi? It just goes to show that we have not grown up enough.”

When asked that why doesn’t he come to India and finish everything off, he said, “They have put false charges against me in India in the Gulshan Kumar murder case. A UK High Court judgement had clearly said that “the accusation of murder and conspiracy made against this applicant is not made in good faith and in the interests of justice”. To quote Justice M L Tahiliani, ‘The conspiracy charges against all the accused in this case must fail.’”

Image Source: facebook/NadeemSaifiOfficial