Nana Patekar RECALLS Getting Hospitalised For 60 Days After Filming The Fire Scene In Parinda: There Was No Beard, Moustache, Eyebrow, Or Eyelids Left

Nana Patekar shared that during the climax scene of Parinda, he suffered severe burns, rendering him unable to work for a year

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Nana Patekar RECALLS Getting Hospitalised For 60 Days After Filming The Fire Scene In Parinda: There Was No Beard, Moustache, Eyebrow, Or Eyelids Left
Veteran actor Nana Patekar, known for his significant contributions to Indian cinema, recently shared some harrowing experiences from his illustrious career. Films like "Krantiveer" and "Parinda" remain iconic, but behind these cinematic achievements lie stories of immense personal sacrifice and risk. In a candid interview with The Lallantop, Patekar revealed the dangerous incidents that occurred during the filming of these movies. ALSO READ: Nana Patekar Opens Up About The Loss Of His 2-Year-Old Son, Says ‘Certain Incidents In Life Are Simply Out Of Hands’ 


Nana Patekar

One of the most shocking anecdotes he shared was about the climax scene of "Parinda," where he was severely burnt. The scene involved real fire, with no digital edits, leading to a grave accident that left him hospitalized for 60 days and on complete bed rest for six months. Patekar recounted, “It was real fire. I was burning. After that shoot, I couldn’t do anything for a year. All my skin had peeled off… there was none left. There was no beard, moustache, eyebrow, or eyelids left.” The intensity of the fire during the shoot was so severe that it rendered him incapable of working for an entire year, marking a dark period in his life and career. ALSO READ: Nana Patekar Reveals Rishi Kapoor Would Get ‘Angry Very Quickly’; Actor Recalls How Hum Dono Co-Star Would Abuse Him, ‘Itni Gandi Gaaliyan!’ 

In another revelation, Patekar disclosed that Jackie Shroff was initially approached for his role in "Parinda," but circumstances led to Patekar stepping into the role. He emphasized that the fire accident was unintentional and happened despite the precautions taken during the shoot. The first take used three buckets of flammable material, and the second used 14, creating an intense fire that quickly spiraled out of control. “In the first take, we put three buckets, in the second we put 14 buckets, so the fire was intense. However, it was an accident, it wasn’t that Vinod (director Vidhu Vinod Chopra) wanted me to burn. It just happened,” he explained.

Patekar also recounted another perilous incident during the filming of "Salaam Bombay," directed by Meera Nair, where he was accidentally stabbed. During a scene where a character stabs him, the force of the stab pierced through the protective tyre around his waist, causing real injury. He vividly remembered the confusion on set, saying, “They thought, ‘Kya acting ki hai’. These sorts of accidents keep happening.”

Despite these traumatic experiences, Nana Patekar continues to work in the industry. He was last seen in "The Vaccine War" and is now preparing for his next project, "Journey," directed by Anil Sharma. The family drama film revolves around a father and son embarking on a pilgrimage to Varanasi. Patekar's dedication to his craft, even at great personal risk, underscores his legendary status in Indian cinema.

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