Neena Gupta Says She Felt ‘Professionally Betrayed’ After Her Hit 90s Show SAANS Was Abruptly Stopped

Neena Gupta says that the only thing she expected from the makers was to be treated properly after giving them the show, Saans, which was successful

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Neena Gupta Says She Felt ‘Professionally Betrayed’ After Her Hit 90s Show SAANS Was Abruptly Stopped
Neena Gupta was popularly known for her TV series, Saans in 1998, but she revealed she was upset as the channel abruptly stopped the show.  Starring Kanwaljit Singh, the show aired between 1998-1999. As reported in Hindustan Times, she had revealed in an interview with Quint that she felt like she was professionally betrayed the way her show was cancelled.  The senior actress mentioned the channel conveyed the news of cancelling the show in a bad manner. 

Also adding further she shared the makers did something completely opposite than what was promised to her. She told Quint, "Yes, it was conveyed very badly to me, And something else was promised to me, and they did something else. I'm OK if my programme is not doing well and you promised me these many programmes and you want to remove... I'm OK. Things change. But there is a decency." The actress back then only expected the channel to treat her properly after she gave them the hit show, Saans shared the actress. 

Continuing further, she said, "I have worked with you for years, I gave you the 'hittest' programme on television at that time. I've always been good to you, I've treated you very well. What do I expect in return? To be treated properly."

Reveals she trusted a wrong person whom she thought had become her friend but was only good to her as she was their top director.  She adds, "That's it. There is a way to say, 'Ma'am, your thing is not working.' So that was a very bad thing, which I didn't like. And then I realised that it was again my mistake, because I thought this guy had become my friend. But he was not my friend. I was their top director, so he was very good to me." ALSO READ: Neena Gupta On Being Brutally Honest In Her Autobiography Sach Kahun Toh: Being Transparent Gives You A Certain Power - EXCLUSIVE

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