Neetu Kapoor Calls Ranbir Kapoor A 'Sanskaari Boy', Netizens Accuse Her Of White Washing Son's Image

Neetu Kapoor calls Ranbir Kapoor a 'Sanskaari Boy' on The Great Indian Kapil Show and netizens believe she is whitewashing her son's image

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Neetu Kapoor Calls Ranbir Kapoor A 'Sanskaari Boy', Netizens Accuse Her Of White Washing Son's Image
Ranbir Kapoor, a celebrated actor in Bollywood, is widely regarded as one of the most talented individuals in the industry. Known for his impressive acting skills and composed demeanour, he continues to captivate audiences with his performances. Recently, Ranbir, alongside his mother, Neetu Kapoor, and sister, Riddhima Kapoor Sahani, made an appearance on The Great Indian Kapil Show, where Neetu Kapoor showered praise on her children in a seemingly excessive manner. ALSO READ: Yeh Subject Thoda Risky Hai: When Ranbir Kapoor Warned Rishi Kapoor Not To Produce Barfi 

While Neetu Kapoor is recognized for her outspoken nature and candid opinions, her remarks during the show seem noticeably biased towards her son, Ranbir. Throughout the episode, she only highlighted the positive aspects of her children, particularly emphasizing Ranbir's 'sanskari' upbringing and his embodiment of his late father, Rishi Kapoor's virtues. Neetu Kapoor went on to describe Ranbir as an exemplary father who wholeheartedly fulfils his parental responsibilities.

Following the show, a Reddit user raised concerns about Neetu Kapoor's perceived attempt to portray Ranbir in a favourable light, sparking a discussion among netizens. While some agreed with the criticism, acknowledging potential bias from a mother's perspective, others defended Neetu's stance, noting that maternal love often leads to unwavering support for one's child.

During the show, Riddhima Kapoor Sahani shared anecdotes from their childhood, revealing playful sibling dynamics between herself and Ranbir. She recalled playfully hitting Ranbir in their younger years, only for him to reciprocate when he grew stronger. Ranbir admitted to adopting wrestling moves inspired by WWF on his sister during their childhood antics.

Reflecting on his upbringing, Ranbir expressed a mix of fear and admiration for his father, Rishi Kapoor, who held him accountable for mischievous behavior. In contrast, Riddhima held a special place in Ranbir's heart, as he fondly recalled never scolding or raising his voice at her. The family's candid revelations and playful interactions shed light on their dynamic relationships and offered glimpses into their personal lives beyond the glitz and glamour of Bollywood.

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