Netizens Furious Over Swara Bhasker's Speech; Accuse Her Of Inciting Riots And Trend #ArrestSwaraBhaskar On Twitter

After making headlines for helping distressed migrants, Swara Bhasker is now making noise for a different reason which got the Twitterverse trending #ArrestSwaraBhaskar on Twitter

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Netizens Furious Over Swara Bhasker's Speech; Accuse Her Of Inciting Riots And Trend #ArrestSwaraBhaskar On Twitter
Swara Bhasker was last in the news for her selfless deeds as she helped many distressed migrants to reach to their native place amidst the Coronavirus lockdown. She arranged for transportation for the migrants during the time of crisis. The actress even contributed hundreds of shoes for the people which gained applause from the netizens. However, today, we saw a different side of the netizens who now demand an arrest for Swara Bhasker for allegedly inciting and causing riots in Delhi and are trending #ArrestSwaraBhaskar on Twitter.

Well, when the CAA and NCR were creating chaos in the country, Swara became a protestor along with many protestors who were against it. A video of Swara sloganeering along with the protestors has gone viral on social media and Twitterverse is so furious that they have started trending #ArrestSwaraBhaskar on Twitter. The hashtag is currently trending at the top spot with 22.8k users tweeting about the same. Amongst many users, we have picked a few where one Twitter user wrote, “Swara Bhaskar had equal hand in inciting and causing those riots. #ArrestSwaraBhaskar” Another anti-Swara wrote, “Anti Hindus Delhi Ri0ts started from here, @ReallySwara should be jailed too for inciting mobs #ArrestSwaraBhaskar”. 

One more wrote, “#ArrestSwaraBhaskar Why Delhi police is still in a fix even after overwhelming evidences of @ReallySwara' s involvement in inciting people to inflict riot against Delhi ?” Check out more tweets below:

Just recently, Swara who is known to speak fiercely and unapologetically on the current matter was seen writing a tweet about Rahul Gandhi. Her tweet read, “Why r people on Twitter hating on @RahulGandhi’s series of interactions with experts of different fields. They are informative & provide relevant perspectives on current crises & situations. As for politics- I think it’s a pretty ace opposition move- a politician who listens!” ALSO READ: Swara Bhasker Hails IPS Officers For Their Selfless Deed For The People Amidst The Coronavirus Lockdown