No TV Telecast For Raveena Tandon's Shab On Homosexuality

Fury rules Bhavna Talwar's husband Sheetal Talwar who produced Mausam; Bhavna produced Shab recently. Shab has been denied permission to be screened on TV. Sheetal presents his argument

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No TV Telecast For Raveena Tandon's Shab On Homosexuality

Filmmakers Sheetal Talwar and Onir are livid.

Shab (which released  ago), produced by Bhavna Talwar (Sheetal's wife) and Onir, has been denied a ticket to television. The Censor Board has refused to give a U/A certificate to them, citing that their film glorifies homosexuality and extra-marital affairs.

Sheetal, for one, feels that if My Brother Nikhil and Moonlight can be shown on TV, why not their Shab? "Did My Brother Nikhil and Moonlight  not dwell on homosexuality? Those films were given adequate number of cuts and then allowed on TV. Why couldn't we be weighed on the same scale?"

raveena tandon in shab
Raveena Tandon In Shab

Added Talwar, "Rejecting our film outright is ridiculous. If Pahlaj Nihalani (ex CBFC CEO, who was asked to leave on August 11) had rejected the film, the whole world would have risen against him. Wasn't that man just doing his job?"

What about the oral submissions that the Board asked him to present, we asked? "What oral submissions?" Talwar shot back, "I was told nothing clearly about the oral submissions. Pray, what does 'oral submission' mean? This Censor Board is arbitrary and adhoc, which I think was not true untilrecently, when Nihalani only cited the letter of the law."

raveena tandon and ashish bisht in musafir
Raveena Tandon And Ashish Bisht In Musafir

Wasn't Pahlaj too following the Cinematograph Act, 1952, which in fact he shouted from the rooftops every now and then (The Censor Board has clearly written to Talwar that Shab has been seen as per the 1952 Act)  "Yes, but Nihalani used to tell us the clauses under the 1952 Act which would deem our film as unfit for viewing. And I don't think that he ever debarred a film from going on TV."

We reproduce the letter written by the Censor Board to the makers of Shab, informing them that their film has been rejected for TV:










       With reference to your application to the Central Board of Film Certification dated 29/07/2017 for a certificate under the Cinematograph Act, 1952 to exhibit the film entitled ""SHAB"" (HINDI) . I am directed by the Board to inform you that the film has been viewed by the Examining Committee and the Board has come to the conclusion that a certificate cannot be issued for its exhibition for the reasons stated on the reverse..

The above decision has been taken after

X a. Considering the submissions made by you / your representative before the Committee during the personal hearing, the opportunity for which was given to you.

? b. Offering you an opportunity for making oral submissions, which you did not avail of

In case you are aggrieved by the decision of the Board based on the recommendation of the Examining Committee you may, if you so desire, prefer an appeal to the Revising Committee/FCAT. The appeal to the Revising Committee be made within 14 days and to the FCAT within 30 days. If no reply is received from you within the said period the Board will proceed to take action as indicated above.


The receipt of this communication may kindly be acknowledged.

Yours faithfully,


Raju Vaidya

Regional Officer

Reasons for "Certificate Refused" to the film.:

The central idea of the film revolves around complex & dark characters,which are sexually explioted (NOTE THE SPELLING ERROR BY VAIDYA) offering money,the film also glorifies homosexuality & extra marital relationships, the committee was of the opinion, not suitable for granting UA.


Raju Vaidya

Regional Officer


Let's see if Talwars and Onir knock the Revising Committee/FCAT.

Image Source: youtube/tipsofficial/ kahwaentertainment