OMG! Hottie Nargis Fakhri’s PREGNANCY Joke Backfires On Twitter

A while ago, Rockstar actress Nargis Fakhri posted her picture on Twitter with a big belly and mocked herself for the weight gain by saying she looks pregnant. Strangely, a few didn’t get her joke and asked about the father of the child...

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OMG! Hottie Nargis Fakhri’s PREGNANCY Joke Backfires On Twitter

A few hours ago, actress Nargis Fakhri posted a picture of herself on Twitter donning a knee length black dress.

The actress who has put on a little weight mocked herself by putting up a caption: “BREAKING NEWS!” hinting that the weight gain is so much that she has started looking pregnant.

The picture which shows Nargis’s bump also had a funny caption which read, “The Hamburglar has denied reports that it’s his.”

Little did the actress know that her joke will backfire and she will be questioned by fans who actually started asking her if she was pregnant?

One of the fans was surprised at the news and tweeted: “O Really (sic)...”

A fan of hers was so surprised by the joke that he had no words to express his astonishment and just tweeted, "OMG (sic)."

Another fan was also surprised and said: “Omg! what was that (sic).”

While a few also asked who was the father of the child:

people who tweeted asking for nargis child father
Twitteratis Ask Nargis For The Child's Father

Thankfully, some understood the joke! A fan tweeted, “Haha!  Maybe the smoothies and shakes would take the blame for the baby! (sic)”

Nargis obviously read the tweets and was also surprised that people took her seriously. Thus she tweeted once again and said, “I laugh at my own jokes.”

The actress was clearly upset with fans who didn't get her joke. That's why she expressed her disappointment in the following tweet, which read,“Did anyone out there get the joke?.......... ok..... I think I hear crickets. well then I'll stick to smiling. Thanks bye. (sic).”

Aww, Nargis, we get your joke well, and must say it was a fantastic one!

Image Source: twitter/nargisfakhri & pleaseboss