OMG! Urvashi Rautela PLAGIARISED Her Entire Tedx Talk? Netizens Provide Proof, Says, “She Just Wants To Be A Troll”

Urvashi Rautela has once again come under the scrutiny of social media users for plagiarizing her TedX Talk

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OMG! Urvashi Rautela PLAGIARISED Her Entire Tedx Talk? Netizens Provide Proof, Says, “She Just Wants To Be A Troll”
After being in the limelight because of her alleged love affair with cricketer Rishabh Pant and her cryptic posts, Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela has been accused of plagiarizing her TedX Talk from earlier this month. 

A Reddit user shared links and 18 screenshots of every article and pointer Urvashi spoke about during her talk. They captioned the post, “Urvashi's entire TedX talk is plagiarized from two articles about ted talks.. she's literally reading out articles word for word.. how did the audience sit through this? Lol (links in comments)” 

Comparing her to Jay Shetty, one comment read, “If Jay Shetty can still be a successful young self help guru after plagiarising material in west where they cancel people at the drop off a hat, an Urvashi can go under the radar easily.”

When someone pointed out that the audience wouldn’t know that she was quoting different articles and “the organizers haven't called her to share the depth and maturity of her wisdom or her 'experience' in the movie industry,” the original poster shared, “No, she didn't quote from Articles.. she just read out an article called '20 best ted talks of all time'.. like she spoke the headings as well...”

The trolls mocked the actress saying they weren’t surprised she did such a thing. One commenter said, “Y’all are surprised? She’s well known for plagiarism. She copied the entirety of Gigi Hadid’s caption once,” other said, “Number 1 in trolling. It would be funny if at the end of her career she would reveal she was secretly a comedian.” Another one pointed out, “On-brand for her na. She just wants to be a troll. Her PR did that stunt na...where she copied Hollywood celeb tweets word to word” and many wished for her to be canceled.” 

This is not the first time the Sanam Re actor has been allegedly caught plagiarizing words from renowned celebrities. Apparently, she has used the captions written by Hollywood stars Zendaya, and Gigi Hadid for her social media posts and was even seen using John Paul Brammer’s comments on the movie Parasite.

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