Pad Man Akshay Kumar's OPEN CHALLENGE To Padmavati: I Am READY If You Want To FIGHT. This Episode Is Getting Hotter By The Minute

The Padmavati- Pad Man- Aiyaari episode is getting hotter by the minute. And mind you, it's far from over

Last night, Akshay Kumar tweeted that Pad Man, (produced by KriArj Entertainment and himself) will release on January 25 and not 26.

january 4

This came as a big surprise because like us, Akshay too is aware that Viacom 18 and Sanjay Leela Bhansali have been toying with the idea of Padmavati hitting theatres on January 26/February 9. had broken that story on January 2.

january 2

It is clear that Akshay does not feel the heat of Padmavati. It is also clear that Akshay has decided that if Padmavati clashes with Pad Man, he will not shift Pad Man. Open challenge, eh!

still from padman
Still From Padman has it that it was Akshay's idea to shift the movie's release date ahead by a day. The superstar clearly believes that he has a very good product at hand, and there is no reason why he should panic.

We now await the official announcement on Padmavati, which  sources say, is expected by Monday.

still from padmavati
Still From Padmavati had told you in the January 2 story that if Padmavati does not make it on January 26, it will then see the light of day on February 9.

Meanwhile, last night, KRK (indirectly) endorsed on our January 2  story, posting a tweet saying that 'Padmavati will release onFebruary 9'. Not that we believe him--- but if February 9 indeed turns out to be Padmavati's release date, the Pad Man- Padmavati clash may have been averted--- but what will happen to KriArj's other film, Anushka Sharma's  Pari, which is scheduled for March 9? Who says 'Two is Company'?


Let's see how Viacom and Bhansali react to Akshay's decision to stay put with Pad Man.

Spare a thought for Aiyaary if both biggies- Pad Man and Padmavati- lock horns January 25 onward.

Image Source : Instagram/filmpadmavati/padman/youtube/tseries/joblomovietrailes