Pinky Roshan Aided World's Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Dies At 37

Hrithik Roshan's mom, Pinky Roshan had donated Rs 10 lakhs for the surgery of Egyptian Eman Ahmed, who weighed 500 kgs. However, she died at a hospital in Abu Dhabi, this morning...

World's heaviest woman Eman Ahmed took her last breath earlier today in Abu Dhabi. Doctors said that she died due to complications including heart disease and kidney dysfunction. She was just 37.

For those who don't remember, Eman Ahmed came to Mumbai a few months back for an operation at Saifee Hospital to reduce her weight. Hrithik Roshan couldn't make time, but his mother Pinky Roshan and the others paid a visit to the lady and helped her out in whichever way possible. They even helped her out with money needed for the cure. Pinky Roshan had donated Rs 10 lakh for the bariatric surgery.

pinky roshan meets the worlds heaviest woman emaan ahmed at saifee hospital
Pinky Roshan Met Eman Ahmed At Saifee Hospital

Eman is originally from Alexandria, Egypt. She came to Mumbai weighing above 500 Kgs. During her course of treatment at the Saifee hospital by a team of around 15 doctors led by renowned specialist Muffazal Lakdawala, she had lost 324 Kgs. Then she headed to Abu Dhabi for further treatments.

It was reported a week back that she was dancing with joy on her bed after the success of her whole mission to lose weight. But sadly, that joy was short-lived.

Image Source: alroya