Pooja Bedi Engaged To Boyfriend Maneck Contractor; Actress To Tie The Knot By Year End

Pooja Bedi will soon walk down the aisle. Surprised? Well, so were we when this morning we woke up to the news of her engagement to boyfriend Maneck Contractor on this Valentine's Day. The actress has now revealed her wedding plans to a leading daily

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Pooja Bedi Engaged To Boyfriend Maneck Contractor; Actress To Tie The Knot By Year End
Looks like finally, actress and columnist, Pooja Bedi has found her Mr. Right. After getting divorced on February 14, 2003, from Farhan Furniturewalla, the actress exchanged rings with boyfriend Maneck Contractor on February 14, 2019- 15 years after separating from her first husband. The actress had kept her engagement a secret till now but has now spoken about the good news to Bombay Times.

Pooja Bedi spilled the beans over her love story to the leading daily and revealed the details of his proposal. She told the leading daily, “Maneck and I have known each other since our boarding-school days. He was three years my senior. Though we weren’t that familiar with each other back then, we’ve always had common friends. Last year, he posted about his new venture in Goa on a chat group, and I went there to review it. That was how we reconnected.”

Pooja has took almost 15 years to find the one for herself once again. Speaking about the same, she said, “Every time you are in a relationship, you hope that this is the one. However, when you meet the person you are destined to be with, you don’t hope, you just know that he is the one. The beauty of our relationship is that it has been effortless in every way. Our families have merged beautifully. He has a wonderful open-hearted, jovial, Parsi family, who welcomed me. My kids, too, adore him. He is extraordinarily kind and cooks up a storm in the kitchen, which is an incredibly sexy quality (laughs!).”

Bedi further revealed that her kids — Aalia and Omar Ebrahim — adore Maneck, she said, “I got divorced on February 14, 2003, and got engaged on February 14, 2019. I have had relationships in between and my kids have liked every person that I have been with. But it is very different with Maneck — they adore him and want him in our lives forever, which is a wonderful feeling as a single parent. They are happy that I am settling down finally. They have wanted this for me for the longest time. It’s a wonderful phase — my son is studying abroad, my daughter is entering films and the empty nest syndrome that a lot of mothers face has been filled beautifully by this relationship and my journey ahead with Maneck.”

Talking further about her wedding plans, Bedi said, “Our wedding will take place later this year, when we align dates of Aalia’s shoot and my son’s college holidays,” Many congratulations to the couple. 

Image Source: Instagram/poojabediofficial