Priyanka Chopra Meets Syrian Refugee Children In Jordan, Says They Are Her Inspiration

Global icon Priyanka Chopra, who is also a good will ambassador of UNICEF, is spending quality time with kids in Amman, Jordan. She took to social media to chronicle her experience and insisted that the world helps them

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Priyanka Chopra Meets Syrian Refugee Children In Jordan, Says They Are Her Inspiration

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra has called for increased awareness and support for child victims of war and violence. The actress made an emotional visit to Amman, Jordan one of the most liberal and westernized Arab cities. The actress has been taking time out from her busy work schedule and spending quality time with kids.

Wars are one of the most hazardous threats created by humans and often many innocent people suffer cause of it. Chopra who happens to interact with the kids shared her feelings via her insta posts. The actress got emotional while teaching those kids in class and posted a series of comments mostly highlighting the need to safeguard future of these kids and measures to be taken by the Government.

She added the first post where she is teaching the kids. She captioned it " Cultures are so different yet so similar. Kalam is arabic for pen and it's kalam in Urdu/Hindi too. We found that funny. Since the kids were learning English I thought Pencil may be appropriate... #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan #ChildrenOfSyria @unicef."

She further added an adorable picture posing with the kids with the caption: " A class full of future doctors, engineers, police officers, teachers. What breaks my heart is they can't even access proper schools as refugee kids... how will they access higher education?? These hopes and dreams.. where do they stand in the reality of their world? The government schools in Jordan have added evening classes and 200 schools to accommodate the growing number of Syrian children which is approximately 120000 children..But it's never enough. The world needs to help. We need to help. #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan #ChildrenOfSyria @unicef."

 The actress was so deeply impacted after spending time with kids that she got all emotional. On her way back, she added a small video where she has shown her anger and deep sadness towards humanity. She speaks in favor of those innocent kids and posted it on her Insta account. She added the caption" I have never done this when I do field trips, but on this one I feel compelled to reflect on what I feel after every session because I felt a lot. The anger and agony I felt seeing these beautiful hopeful children ravaged by war was so raw. The world has seen the pain war has left in Syria but the resilience and joy and hope in spite of it is so inspiring to me. These kids are my inspiration. They should be yours too. PLS GO TO and DONATE whatever you can... let's make this a collective #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan #ChildrenOfSyria @unicef."

PeeCee has been one of the celebs who has worked towards the upliftment of children. She has rightfully raised her concern about the kids, about their future and has targeted her questions towards the authority who happens to be doing not enough for such kids.

Image Source: instagram/priyankachopra