Ram Gopal Varma SLAMS Mahesh Babu Over His 'Bollywood Can't Afford Me' Remark: ‘Bollywood Is Not A Company, How Can He Generalise'

Ram Gopal Varma is the latest celebrity to share his views on Mahesh Babu’s controversial statement- ‘Bollywood can’t afford him’

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Ram Gopal Varma SLAMS Mahesh Babu Over His 'Bollywood Can't Afford Me' Remark: ‘Bollywood Is Not A Company, How Can He Generalise'
After Mukesh Bhatt, Ram Gopal Varma has shared his views on Mahesh Babu’s recent controversial remarks that he made on Bollywood. Speaking at the trailer launch event of his production venture Major, the South Superstar stirred a controversy when he was asked about his plans of entering Bollywood. Mahesh left everyone shocked as he said 'Bollywood can’t afford' him and thus he does not want to waste his time. Now, RGV has reacted to it and stated his "context is not understood." 

In a recent interview with India Today, Ram Gopal said he fails to understand what Mahesh Babu exactly meant by his statement. The filmmaker also pointed out that 'Bollywood' is not a company, instead it’s a name given by the media so how can Mahesh Babu generalise it. Ram Gopal Varma was quoted saying, “It is his choice as an actor. But I honestly didn't understand what he meant by Bollywood can't afford him. I am still unable to figure out what he meant by that because the point is, if you see the recent South Indian films, they were dubbed and released and they made whatever money they did.”

He added, “Also, first of all, Bollywood is not a company. It is a label given by the media. An individual movie company or a production house will ask you to do a film at a particular cost, so how can he generalise Bollywood, I don't understand that.Bollywood is not a company, so his context is not understood.” ALSO READ: Mukesh Bhatt REACTS To Mahesh Babu's Controversial Remark: ‘If Bollywood Can’t Afford His Price, Then Very Good’

Earlier, Mukesh Bhatt had told India Today that he respect from where Mahesh Babu comes from and that he has an ‘X’ value for the talent that he has generated over the years. An excerpt from his statement read, “If Bollywood can’t afford his price, then very good. I wish him all the best. If Bollywood cannot work to his expectations, then there is nothing wrong with it. I wish him all the best. Each one to its own.”

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