Rangoli Maligns Mahesh Bhatt; Accuses Filmmaker Of "Flinging Chappal At Kangana In 2006"

Ranauts fight with Bhatts has taken an ugly turn. After calling Randeep Hooda a failure, now actress' sister, Rangoli, in reply to Soni Razdan's tweet defending her family, has said that Mahesh Bhatt once threw a chappal at Kangana during the screening of Woh Lamhe in 2006

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Rangoli Maligns Mahesh Bhatt; Accuses Filmmaker Of "Flinging Chappal At Kangana In 2006"
Not just Kangana Ranaut but her sister, Rangoli is also spitting fire on Bollywood. The Manikarnika actress is on a drive to slam Alia Bhatt in almost all interview of hers, and on the other side, Rangoli has become actress' voice on social media. 

A few days back, Rangoli had attacked Alia and her mother Soni Razdan. In return of which furious Soni had stood-up for her family and had called Kangana "ungrateful". Razdan had also slammed the Rananut sisters for not respecting filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who gave her a break in Bollywood in Gangster and constantly slamming his daughter and wife. 

Now, in a recent series of tweets, Rangoli has revealed that Mahesh Bhatt had thrown a chappal at Kangana at the screening of Woh Lamhe in 2006. In reply to Soni Razdan's "ungrateful" comment, Rangoli wrote, " Dear Soni ji, Mahesh Bhatt never gave her a break, Anurag Basu did, Mahesh Bhatt ji works as a creative director in his brothers production house....please note that he doesn’t own that production house, after Woh Lamhe when Kangana refused to do a  written by him called ‘Dhokha where he wanted her to play a suicide bomber he got so upset that he not only shouted at her in his office....but later when she went for Woh Lamhe preview to a theatre he threw chappal on her, he didn’t allow her to see her own film, she cried whole night .... and she was just 19years old . @Soni_Razdan"

For those who've come in late, taking a stand for her daughter and husband, Soni had tweeted, "Mahesh Bhatt is the man who has given her a break ... she goes on to attack his wife and daughter. Daughter over and over again. What is left to be said then about abusing and hatred I wonder. Apart from character of course. Agenda ? What’s hers ... ? However, she later deleted the tweet. 

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