Really Total Dhamaal? Helen's Original Mungda Makers Speak Out On Sonakshi Sinha's Number

Sonakshi's song no match for Helen's? Romu Sippy (producer) and Raj Sippy (director) of the 1978 famous Inkaar sound hurt and unhappy. Read the ENTIRE STORY

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Really Total Dhamaal? Helen's Original Mungda Makers Speak Out On Sonakshi Sinha's Number
Well, a couple of days back, Internet landed up with Sonakshi's Mungda song from the upcoming Total Dhamaal- a rehashed version of Helen's from the 1978 Inkaar. So, what do the Sippy brothers- Romu and Raj- think about the Total Dhamaal? Is it really total dhamaal, or just dhamaal, or something else? Over to the Sippys.

Romu Sippy tells, Honestly, I haven't seen the Sonakshi song." Really? "Yes, really," he replies. How come? "Aisa hai that I like to see movies on the first day of release. I avoid seeing any stuff related to it on the Internet or TV. Which is why I haven't seen the Total Dhamaal song." Does this imply that he would like to talk about it but only after the film hits theatres? "That's right," he quips, and then quickly adds, "But what's there to say? I have no idea of their concept. I have no idea about why they have done what they've done. I don't know what's the context the Mungda song is used in Total Dhamaal. I am not saying that what they've done is something wrong. Times have changed, but if I was to make a film and needed a song, I wouldn't take something that has already been done. I would go for an original. Why can't they create something fresh? What's the need for duplication."

Raj, on the other hand, has also not heard or seen the Sonakshi song. But he was more candid. Said Raj, "But one thing I can definitely say. The work that Rajesh Roshan had done on this song and even in Inkaar throughout, is not going to be easy to recreate. Rajesh had done a brilliant job. I am very sure that Rajesh's work in Inkaar cannot be matched by anybody else, else I wouldn't have said this so emphatically."

Adds Raj, "When Helenji, the numero uno of dance, was asked to mention her 10 favourite dance numbers, Mungda from my Inkaar figured in that list of hers. Can there be a bigger compliment than that to Mungda?"

"There is much happening today that if we get into everything- trust me half day one will be talking about only those things. Think of it, just the other day, Why Cheat India (starring Emraan Hashmi) had one of our songs- Dil Mein Ho Tum from Satyamev Jayate. If you wanna make it gimmicky, it's a different story." Did he find it gimmicky? "Acoustics is acoustics. Metallic can never give you that feeling." So, did that hurt him? "Yes, Dil Mein Ho Tum put to tunes by Bappi Lahiri, is one my favourite songs. But ab kya karen? Ek baat batao, bolen to kisko bolen? What is done cannot be undone, I will have to take the recreations of Dil Mein Ho Tum and Mungda with a pinch of salt,' Raj concludes.

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