Rishi Kapoor Hurls Abuses At Twitter User, Aditi Mittal Blasts The Actor

Rishi Kapoor sent a direct message to a fan on Twitter who didn't like Ranbir Kapoor's Sanju trailer. Aditi Mittal blasted the veteran star saying he was repeatedly abusive on social media...

Rishi Kapoor cannot keep calm when he has his Twitter account open in front of him. He has been trolled for his tweets quote often.

A twitter user who didn't like the Sanju trailer starring his son Ranbir Kapoor, opened up about his dislike of the trailer in subtle terms.

This didn't go down well with Rishi and he sent a Direct Message (DM) to the person hurling illicit abuses.

Rishi wrote, "What do you know of cinema you prick. We are in the entertainment business not repairing anybody's image. As swipes like you don't deserve to see films (sic)."

Comedienne Aditi Mittal took notice of this exchange. She blasted Rishi for repeatedly being abusive to people on social media. 

Aditi said, "Rishi Kapoor keeps abusing people online, and every news and entertainment portal keeps covering his movies and interviews as if this kind of behaviour is NORMAL (sic)."

Rishi hasn't yet reverted on the same yet. But will he?

Image Source: instagram/chintusap & twitter/aditimymittal