Rita Bhaduri Dies At 67, Nimki Mukhiya Granny Developed Multiple Health Complications

Bollywood's famous actress, Rita Bhaduri, who has worked in films like Julie, Raja, Beta among others is no more. She died early this morning. Funeral is slated for noon...

Senior actress Rita Bhaduri is no more. She acted in several Hindi and Gujarati movies and even TV serials. Rita Bhaduri, according to her family was 67 (and not 62 as Google displays).

The highly respected actress will be cremated today at 12 noon at the Chakala Crematorium.

Currently, her body lies at her brother Barun Mukherjee's house for last respects. Talking to SpotboyE.com, her niece Mini said, "Well, Ritaji had developed several complications. Her kidneys had failed since some time and more recently, she had a spine surgery done. After that, she developed many complications and her other internal organs started deteriorating. The last one month was tough."

Rita was prominent in the 1975 Julie where she played Lakshmi's friend. She had a long list of movies to her credit, including Raja, Beta, Hero No.1 and Virasat. Lately, she was seen on the small screen in Nimki Mukhiya