Sahil Khan Says Manoj Patil Sold Fake Steroids To Him; Adds He's 'Not Responsible For His Suicide Attempt'

Sahil Khan, who has been accused of harassing bodybuilder Manoj Patil, held a press conference to share his side of the story.

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Sahil Khan Says Manoj Patil Sold Fake Steroids To Him; Adds He's 'Not Responsible For His Suicide Attempt'
Former actor Sahil Khan has been accused of harassing former Mr India contest winner and bodybuilder, Manoj Patil - so much so that he attempted suicide at his Mumbai residence on Wednesday. An Etimes report stated that Patil had filed a police complaint against the actor, accusing him of creating problems in his professional life. Sahil has now held a press conference and broken his silence over the matter. He revealed that Manoj Patil sold him fake steroids and thus, he is not responsible for his attempt to suicide in any way.

Speaking to the media, Sahil stated that this entire matter is between Manoj Patil and a person named Raj Faujdar. He said, “Committing suicide is a crime in India. Manoj should understand that. Raj has transaction receipts of Rs 2 lakh with Manoj's name mentioned on it and not mine. If I come and sell drugs outside your house and if you put that up on social media, would I be able to say that you are bullying me?”

He added, “No one wants to talk about the real issue, but everyone is reporting that a person committed suicide because of Sahil Khan.”

Sahil Khan also mentioned that he would take legal action. “Our lawyers are working on the situation now and we will file a complaint. This is a big racket, the FDI might also be involved in this. Those who are manufacturing fake supplements should be punished. And if I have committed a crime, then I should get punished too,” he further said.

Sahil Khan also accused Manoj Patil of selling him fake steroids that affected his health. When he got to know that he was sold fake steroids, he asked for his money back. Despite promising him to return his money after a few years, Manoj hurled abuses at him and even threatened him.

Manoj Patil had written a letter to the Oshiwara Police wanting to register an FIR against Sahil Khan. In the letter, he alleged that he was being defamed by him. ALSO READ:Sahil Khan Shares His Side Of Story After Being Accused Of Harassment By Bodybuilder Manoj Patil; Calls It 'Publicity Stunt With A Communal Angle'

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