Sakshi Chopra To Haters: Don’t Be A Fake Piece Of S**t!

Ramanand Sagar’s great granddaughter, Sakshi Chopra’s sexy snaps on social media are often met with hate. However, the youngster remains unaffected. Through a Insta story, she makes her stand clear

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Sakshi Chopra To Haters: Don’t Be A Fake Piece Of S**t!
Ramanand Sagar’s great granddaughter, Sakshi Chopra, is quite a social media sensation. Time and again, she titillates fans by posting bold pictures. Needless to say, while some appreciate her for pushing the boundaries, many slam her.

However, Sakshi is rightfully unapologetic. A couple of days ago, the youngster gave it back to her haters on social media with a topless picture. She accompanied the snap with a caption, “The human body is beautiful. Every part. Male/Female. You can call me cheap, all kind of names. I dont give a fuck. I am happy. I do what makes me happy & I suggest you do the same. If your happiness lies in covering it up, do it. Do what makes you YOU. I feel confident. NOT ASHAMED. Not one bit. Don't bash what you hate, promote what you love. #bodypositivity (six).”

This time too, she was at the receiving end of several unflattering comments. The 19-year-old now took to Instagram to put forward her stand. She said, “Guys, I am getting a lot of messages from some of you saying that I have blocked you by mistake and that I should unblock you. Some of you also think that I do not see the hate comments or the likes of hate comments. I pretty much see everything. So please don’t be a fake piece of s**t and ask me as to why I blocked you. I do not block anyone without a reason. So if you are gonna s**k up to me later, you are going to look like a f***ing idiot.”

Thanking her supporters Sakshi said, “For everybody who supports me and stands up for me, honestly, I cannot express how grateful I'm for you guys. I love you guys."

Addressing to majority of haters, she finally concluded her stand by saying, "Some of the people writing that don't post topless picture cause it's not our Indian culture and it's cheap like that. I do what makes me happy! If hating on me makes you happy go right ahead."

More power to you, Sakshi!

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/sakshichopraa