Salman Khan FIRST Video On After Firing Incident At His Bandra Residence! Fans Show Concern And Pray For Actor's Safety - WATCH

Salman Khan shared his first video on social media after the firing incident at Galaxy apartment and fans flooded the comments section with messages of concern

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Salman Khan FIRST Video On After Firing Incident At His Bandra Residence! Fans Show Concern And Pray For Actor's Safety - WATCH
On the 14th of April, a startling incident unfolded outside the illustrious residence of Bollywood icon Salman Khan in Mumbai. Two unidentified individuals mounted on a motorcycle unleashed a barrage of gunfire, sending shockwaves through the neighborhood. Despite the gravity of the situation, Salman Khan has maintained a conspicuous silence, refraining from issuing an official statement regarding the harrowing episode. ALSO READ: Salman Khan Firing Incident: Anmol Bishnoi’s Facebook Page’s IP Address Traced To Canada; Mumbai Police Reaches Out To Haryana, Gurugram Officials- REPORTS

In a curious turn of events, Salman Khan diverted attention from the unsettling incident by sharing a video promoting his fitness brand, Being Strong, on social media. The juxtaposition of addressing mundane matters amidst the backdrop of a potentially life-threatening event raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among his ardent followers. Fans flooded the comments section with expressions of worry and well-wishes, underscoring their unwavering support for their beloved star.

The Bandra police swiftly sprung into action, registering an FIR against the elusive culprits under stringent sections of the Indian Penal Code related to attempted murder and the Arms Act. As investigations unfolded, startling revelations emerged linking one of the assailants captured in CCTV footage to a trail of criminal activities in Gurugram, including heinous crimes like killings and robberies. This individual's alleged involvement in the murder of a prominent businessman in Gurugram further escalated the gravity of the situation.

Adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding drama, Anmol Bishnoi, the brother of notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, brazenly claimed responsibility for orchestrating the firing incident outside Salman Khan's abode. The audacious move by Anmol Bishnoi underscores the deep-rooted tensions and underlying threats that continue to lurk within certain quarters.

As the investigation delves deeper into the motives behind the attack, Salman Khan's stoic demeanor and nonchalant attitude towards the incident have left many perplexed. While fans rally around their beloved star with prayers for his safety, the shadow of danger looms large over one of Bollywood's most iconic figures, underscoring the fragility of stardom in the face of real-world threats.

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