Sanju, Behind-The-Scenes Video: You Won't Believe How Many Times Ranbir Kapoor Failed The Look Test

Here’s a BTS video showing how difficult it was for Ranbir Kapoor to transform into different shades of Sanjay Dutt for the Rajkumar Hirani directed film...

We brought you pics of Ranbir Kapoor from his various look tests that the actor went through to look like Sanjay Dutt . Now, we have with us the video which takes you through the whole process of how a lean Ranbir transformed into the well-built Sanjay. And the difficulties he faced to get the look right.

Wow, isn't that something!

What is striking about the video is when Ranbir says that after six hours of sitting through prosthetic make-up, hair styling and other related aspects to the character, many looks used to get rejected in just a second. If the look didn't create an impression in the first few seconds, the look was rejected by the team. It meant that the whole time spent on it went down the drain. Despite all those bad days, the enthusiastic team kept going and finally achieved various different looks of Ranbir as Sanjay.

In the film, Ranbir nailed every look of Sanjay. Whether it was the look of a drug addict who fled from the rehab centre or his look while coming out of jail, whether it was his Munnabhai avatar or his look in a French cut---Ranbir got all looks to 

Talking about the Rajkumar Hirani directed flick, it has been earning big bucks all over the world, breaking records as well. Ranbir has been appreciated a lot for his immaculate make-up and histrionics.