Say What! Anushka Sharma Has A Twin Sister In America

After Salman Khan, netizens have now found Anushka Sharma’s doppelganger in American singer Julia Michael. Few are calling Julia, Bollywood actress’ twin sister and some are asking if she has changed her name and look

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Say What! Anushka Sharma Has A Twin Sister In America
Bollywood celebs’ lookalikes make headlines every now and then. The recent actor to grab attention for the same reason is Anushka Sharma. The actress, who returned to India from Singapore after a romantic getaway with husband and cricketer Virat Kohli, yesterday, has been trending on Internet and the reason is her doppelganger.  

Recently, American singer Julia Michaels took to social media and shared a picture of hers and we must say her uncanny resemblance with Anushka has left Indians stunned. Soon after she posted the picture, netizens couldn’t stop themselves from calling the American singer Pari actor’s lost twin sister.

A user wrote, “Julia Michaels must be wondering what just happened. Why she's getting so much attention.#AnushkaSharma #JuliaMichaels #kohli”. While another posted a collage of Anushka and Julia and wrote, “Nushkie @AnushkaSharma is that really you?  i really got confused but both of u are beautiful @CozIGotIssues hi julia Nice to see u here”

Another called Julia and Anushka twin sisters and wrote, “@AnushkaSharma is that really you i really got confused but both of u are beautiful  @juliamichaels @juliamichaels looks like @AnushkaSharma @juliamichaels what are your thoughts on this. Do yall look the same. @AnushkaSharma @juliamichaels Doppelganger”

Some even tagged Virat Kohli in the comment section and asked “Yeh Anushka Bhabhi Hai?” While the other one got confused and asked, “@virat.kohli Bhabhi ne naam badal diya kya?”

For those, who don’t know, Julia Michaels is a Grammy-nominated artiste and has recently released a new single with Selena Gomez called Anxiety. A few weeks back, we had brought to you a video of Salman Khan’s doppelganger, who was spotted adjusting bikes at a parking lot in Karachi market. 

Image Source: Instagram/anushkasharma,juliamichaels