Shiddat’s Lead Pair Sunny Kaushal And Radhika Madan Give Tips To Impress Crush, Former Confesses Having An Anonymous Social Media Account

Watch Sunny Kaushal and Radhika Madan in an exclusive conversation with our host Abhinandan Singh for their movie, Shiddat

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Shiddat’s Lead Pair Sunny Kaushal And Radhika Madan Give Tips To Impress Crush, Former Confesses Having An Anonymous Social Media Account
Shiddat, a romantic drama starring Sunny Kaushal and Radhika Madan is all set to premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar on October 1, 2021. Our host Abhinandan Singh on the show, Social Ka Superstar got in conversation with the lead, compelling them to spill some well-kept secrets. The duo during the interaction shared tips on how to impress their crush to Sunny revealing he has an anonymous second account, who they stalk on the social media platforms and more.

When our host asked how will they get their Shiddatwala crush following them back on the social media platform, Sunny replied, “So what would I do is, I won’t wait for that person to follow me, I would follow that person first” Following him, Radhika agreeing with him, adds, she would direct message them and appreciate her crush what she likes about, but Sunny advises not slide into crush’s DMs. As he feels it's creepy.

When asked if the lead pair has an anonymous social media profile, Radhika instantly answers ‘No’, Sunny laughs and nods in agreement. Thus, leaving Radhika all amazed. The actor justifies why he has another Instagram account too, he says that he made it when the photo-sharing app had launched, and he uploaded his content on it just to see how it looks on the grid. After a long gap when he happened to stumble upon it, he himself was quite surprised.

Sunny replying to whom he has stalked last said, Jessica Chastain, Hollywood actress, while Radhika shares whenever ‘I stalk Himesh Reshammiya’ as she loves his posts. In addition to this, she also stalks his fanclubs. Radhika also revealed the most asked question to her these days is why has she lost oodles of weight? Replying to this she said, “Kaam ne mujhe nichod diya hai sir. Jitna main kaam kar rahi hu utna main kaam hoye ja rahi hu.” While Sunny states in recent times, people are asking him why he looks like Bollywood actor Kunal Kemmu.

Further in the conversation, the two also shared why they chose hatke bio lines and names for their Instagram accounts. Sunny revealed while his brother Vicky was named after his mother’s name first initial, he was named after his father’s name first initial.

Radhika shares that she is an old school person when it comes to love, as she believes in penning down letters, poems. Sunny Kaushal confessed he did unfollow one of his former partners, for his mental health as he used to get a lot of feeds of the former lover on his home page. But this former ladylove still follows him. 

On the end note, the duo left a message for their fans asking them to take a chill-pill in love; the movie premieres on October 1, 2021, on Disney+ Hotstar

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