SHOCKING: Shruti Haasan Walks Out Of Sangamithra After Promoting It At Cannes

It was touted as the next Baahubali and launched at Cannes by leading lady Shruti Haasan with much fanfare. But lo and behold, Shruti has walked out of Sangamithra now!

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SHOCKING: Shruti Haasan Walks Out Of Sangamithra After Promoting It At Cannes

Shruti Haasan has walked out of the mega budget project Sangamithra,which she had launched at the Cannes Film Festival just days ago.

The actress’s stint on the French Riviera was much talked about and Sangamithra became a trending topic when Shruti launched the multi-lingual project at Cannes.

The French film festival ended on Sunday and today, we got a piece of news which shocked us.

In a surprising turn of events, we received a statement from Shruti Haasan where she announced that she is not a part of Sangamithra anymore.

The official statement reads as follows:

"Shruti has, unfortunately, had to take a call not to be part of Sangamithra. Knowing it was a massive undertaking and a long commitment spanning over 2 years, she knew the importance of her training, a comprehensive script and proper date calendar. She hired and started training with one of best combat trainers April onwards to make sure she was ready in time for shoot. Despite her enthusiasm and commitment to Sangamithra, she has had to give the film a miss since she had not received a proper bound script nor a proper date calendar. She is currently caught up with promoting her Hindi film Behen Hogi Teri, prep for Sabash Naidu and her musical associations."

Now, this seems like a strange decision.  Sangamithra was touted to be the next Baahubali and any actor would have killed to be the leading star of such a big project.

Also what surprises us is that Shruti had spent four days at the Cannes Film Festival promoting the film.

It's a mystery as to what transpired between Shruti and the makers of the film. Did Shruti not know beforehand that the project demanded two years of her undivided attention? Or did the makers of the film drop a bomb on her after their return from Cannes?

We are eagerly waiting for the answers now!


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