Shruti Seth Undergoes Emergency Surgery, Shares A Picture From The Hospital Saying She Averted A ‘Major Health Crisis’

Shruti Seth undergoes emergency surgery; actress informs fans she averted a major health crisis. She also shared a picture from the hospital, and penned a note, take a look

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Shruti Seth Undergoes Emergency Surgery, Shares A Picture From The Hospital Saying She Averted A ‘Major Health Crisis’
The year 2020 has been a really challenging one for a lot of people. We have been surrounded by news of deaths, rising COVID-19 cases, among other negative things, day in and day out. Shruti Seth shared that this year managed to give her family one last jolt as the actress had to suddenly undergo an emergency surgery. She shared a picture of her from the hospital which was clicked by her husband Danish Aslam, and penned a long note urging fans not to take their health for granted.

In her note, Shruti Seth wrote that all her Christmas and New Year plans have been suspended, and she is just thankful that she averted a ‘major health crisis.’ She wrote that she hadn’t learned the lessons she was meant to, but after going through this, she has been schooled. She then shared what she learnt, and asked fans not to take their health for granted, no matter what. “Hospitals make you realise that beneath the vanity, the ego, the personality & the life experiences, we’re all just biology. Food is a drug just for the brain; the body can survive on a glucose drip. And I love food and I missed it so much. Even the most basic bodily functions are the work of some incredible engineering so be grateful for just being able to open your eyes every morning or being able to fall asleep at night,” she wrote.

She further urged fans to be good to their bodies, count their blessings and hold on to those who love you dearly. “I’m just happy everything happened in good time and this is the last of what 2020 had in store for me. I actually have physical scars to remind me about the uniqueness of the year gone by. And I hope they remind me to always say thanks!,” wrote Shruti Seth.

Concluding the note, Shruti Seth wrote, “I’m sending all of you tonnes of love and positivity for the new year. May it treat us kindly.” Further, she wished fans a Happy New Year, and thanked them for their love and blessings. ALSO READ: Nawazuddin Siddiqui Vouches To Not To Run Behind 'Materialistic Things' In 2021; Feels '2020 Should Not Be Counted As A Year'

Image Source: Instagram/Shruti Seth