Shweta Pandit's Aunt Vijeta Pandit Reacts On Her Niece's Alleged Sexual Harassment By Anu Malik

Shweta Pandit's aunt Vijeta Pandit (actress of Love Story fame) is disgusted with music director Anu Malik. In an EXCLUSIVE chat with yesterday, she spoke about her shock

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Shweta Pandit's Aunt Vijeta Pandit Reacts On Her Niece's Alleged Sexual Harassment By Anu Malik

So, singer Shweta Pandit (grand-niece of Indian classical vocalist and Padma Vibhushan awardee, Pandit Jasraj) called out Anu Malik for asking her to kiss him at the age of 15 when she went to meet him for a chance to sing in Vikram Bhatt's Awaara Pagal Deewana, produced by Firoz Nadiadwala. Shweta reprimanded Malik in a long post on her social media account (SEE BELOW), calling him a paedophile. Anu Malik went out of Indian Idol, and it is not yet clear whether he stepped down himself or Sony (broadcaster) asked him to leave- while the latter seems more likely.

Shweta's post has obviously shaken up the Pandit Jasraj family and Shweta's aunt Vijeta Pandit (of Love Story fame) tells us, "I was shell-shocked when I read Shweta's post and without wasting a minute, I called her. She told me it was true. Anu had behaved in that way. Eeks, it is so disgusting. And let me tell you, Shweta still hasn't forgotten about it. She told me that for a while, she had thought she should give up thinking about singing and think of an alternative career- but later decided that she should not let her plans get derailed for a man like Anu." Vijeta further said, "Anu is a successful music composer. He should not resort to such cheap things. He has two grown-up daughters and I hope he takes stock of himself.

Added Vijeta, "Anu has never misbehaved with me in any wrong manner. If he had, he knew what kind of a man my husband (Aadesh Shrivastava) was. He was very possessive about me, and if anybody would try doing anything hanky-panky with me, a resounding slap from Aadesh would soon be coming," and then added, "I just can't fathom how Anu had the cheek of doing this to someone from Pandit Jasraj's family." 

Vijeta Pandit Anu Malik And Shweta Pandit
Vijeta Pandit, Anu Malik And Shweta Pandit

We could not refrain asking her about Anu Malik's ouster from Indian Idol, the news which became official only yesterday afternoon. Is she happy? "It's Sony's decision. They must have done it as per their own discretion," Vijeta quipped.

FYI, allegations of sexual misconduct against Anu have been more than just one. For those who've come in late, Sona Mohapatra had also called out Malik. Talking about Kailash Kher, she had gone on to say,  "To all the young girls & women who are coming out with their experiences with this creep, journalists, ‘fans’ & even kids from college, know that you are not alone. This guy, #KailashKher is a serial predator & has been for years as are many others like Anu Malik in the industry." Furthermore, Mohapatra reacted to Shweta's complaint, saying, "I stand by Shweta Pandit. It takes a lot of guts and integrity to come out and share a deeply traumatic experience, which has no benefit other than being personally cathartic. India needs to note that Shweta was a minor. That this man judges a reality show year after year, surrounded by vulnerable youngsters and their parents, scares me to no end."

Sona Mohapatra

One woman has reportedly accused him of rubbing his body against her. This dates back to the 90s .The same woman met him another time at his house to discuss a fundraiser event, where he allegedly made inappropriate advances towards her. The woman has said that then Anu unzipped his pants and asked her to lick him. When she refused, he allegedly pulled her back by her hair and stuffed her face in his lap while hurling abuses. 

anu malik
Anu Malik Spotted At A Fashion Event

Another woman, who accused Anu Malik, has alleged that she refused to be a part of Indian Idol 10 as a wild card entry as she had very horrifying interaction with Anu, seven years back. According to her, she met the composer at Sahara Studios in Mumbai, and during their second meeting, he asked her whether she had a boyfriend and then hugged her while running his hands over her body.

"Let people succeed without having to sacrifice their dignity", Vijeta concluded.

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