Something Is Irritating Mira Rajput. It Refuses To Go. Guess What?

Shahid Kapoor's wifey dearest Mira Rajput is annoyed by something. She took to Instagram to express her irritation. Read on to find out…

In a short span of time Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput has garnered over a million followers on Instagram. If you had to look at her account closely, it’s an interesting mix of family pictures, selfies and opining on burning issues. 

The star wife is gearing up for her second baby and her pregnancy glow is unmissable. However, looks like a certain bump has left Mira a tad bit annoyed.

What are we talking about?

Mira Rajput Has A Bindi Bump

Mira Rajput Has A Weird Bindi Bump

Mira took to Instagram stories last night and put out a picture captioning it, "#aboutlastnight This weird bindi bump refuses to go (sic)."

Meanwhile, a few days ago, she took over hubby Shahid's Instagram account and shared some hilarious memes of him.

Days before that, she had blasted USA's first lady Melania Trump for wearing an irrelevantly captioned jacket to a visit of homeless refugees at the Mexican border.

Like we said, her Instagram profile is a delight!

Image Source: instagram/mira.kapoor