Sonali Bendre REVEALS Here’s How Much She Got For Her First Project, Says It Helped Her Family Out Of Financial Crisis

Sonali Bendre gets candid about her first paycheque from her debut project and reveals she said it yes to taking parents out of the financial crisis

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Sonali Bendre REVEALS Here’s How Much She Got For Her First Project, Says It Helped Her Family Out Of Financial Crisis
Sonali Bendre has long been one of the most enduring and beloved actresses in Indian cinema. She has captured the hearts of many with her outstanding acting skills, stunning beauty, and charismatic personality. In her personal life, Sonali is married to filmmaker Goldie Behl, and they have a son together. In 2018, Sonali made headlines when she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. However, after rigorous treatment in New York, she was declared cancer-free in 2021. ALSO READ: ‘Couldn't Understand That Kind Of Obsession For Somebody’: Sonali Bendre Reacts To Fan Committing Suicide After Failing To Meet Her 

In a recent interview with Mid-Day, Sonali Bendre reflected on her experience of receiving her first paycheck as an actress. As an industry outsider, she was surprised by the significant salary she earned, which was Rs. 25,000. She shared her astonishment at seeing the contract, realizing she could make a substantial amount of money. She recounted telling her father, "I have the time. I promise you, give me three years. If this doesn't work out, I will do what you're saying, but look at the amount of money. If it works out, I can use that for life." ALSO READ: ‘Bahut Patli Hai’: Sonali Bendre Recalls Producers Tried To Fatten Her Up; Actress Makes Revelations About Being Body-Shamed 

Sonali mentioned that becoming an actress was a way for her to help her family out of financial difficulties. Witnessing her father's struggles to keep up with finances motivated her to pursue acting as a means to contribute. She said, "If my father was not going through that kind of a struggle, and if I was not seeing how my parents were struggling, I would have probably not stood up and said, I'm doing it."

In an earlier interaction with Pinkvilla, Sonali reflected on her acting journey, stating that she never initially aspired to be an actress. She described herself as an "accidental actor," explaining that her love for the craft developed over time. "I was never inspired to be an actor. It just happened to me, and as I progressed, the journey continued, I fell in love with it," she added.

Previously, in an interview with News18 Showsha, Sonali recalled the times she was frequently linked with her co-stars. She remarked how it was common in the '90s for actresses like her to make headlines over baseless rumours. Despite the challenges and controversies, Sonali Bendre's journey in the film industry has been remarkable, marked by resilience and an enduring passion for her craft.

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