Sushant Singh Rajput On His NUDE Scene In Drive: I Am Getting Paid For It

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput will do a nude a scene in his upcoming film Drive starring Jacqueline Fernandez. In an interview with a leading daily, he said he has no inhibitions as he is getting paid for it…

Sushant Singh Rajput will soon take off to Istanbul to shoot his upcoming film Drive with Jacqueline Fernandez.  In the film, Sushant will be seen stripping for a scene and the actor is definitely comfortable with the idea.

While talking to a leading daily, he said, “I don’t have inhibitions; because I need to convince you that I’m the part. And if I have to do something to make sure you are convinced, I would do it. I’m getting paid for it!”

When asked if he was comfortable doing the scene he said, “Why wouldn’t it be comfortable? Why should I be thinking about this? If I have to cry in a scene, I’m actually crying. Now, that’s not a comfortable thing to do. Because I, normally, am emotionally detached. So, I don’t cry. But when I cry in a film, I have to come up with something exactly similar to feel what I have to at that point. I feel that and cry. That’s exactly what I do. Actors are not supposed to feel comfortable most of the times, if his character isn’t comfortable.”

Sushant also spoke about how Censor Board will react to such bold scenes in the film, “I don’t even think about it. Do I think of whether people would come to watch that? Or my film? No, I’m not obsessed with that. If they watch it, I’ll feel good. But that happens on that Friday and that’s about it."

On a concluding note, Sushant didn’t forget to mention that Drive is not a remake of the Hollywood movie.

Image Source: lakako