Sushmita Sen & Daughter’s Version Of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ Is Both Sexy & Cute

In a heart-warming video Sushmita Sen and her younger daughter, Alisah, are seen shaking a leg to the popular number by a poolside. Get ready to dance along!

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Sushmita Sen & Daughter’s Version Of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ Is Both Sexy & Cute
Trust Sushmita Sen to turn heads, no matter what she does/says. The actress, who is currently on a 3-week tour, posted a video of her and daughter, Alisah Sen, dancing to Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You and it’s probably the best thing you will see today.

She wrote, “#frameofmind ❤️there is a song I love by #leeannwomack "when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance" these moments (be it around my #friends or my #babies ) are a wonderful reminder that each time a situation suggested to "SIT IT OUT"...WE CHOSE TO DANCE moving to our own beat #anytime #anywhere#anyhow Alisah with breaded hair owns her moves #toocute Renee saunters down the beach celebrating life with #maa  #memories #cherished #happiness#sharing  I love you guys!!! #ihopeyoudance (sic).”

Isn't that awwdorable?

Sushmita ensures she keeps fans posted about what she is up to, giving them life lessons at the same time. A week ago, she put up a picture that said, “Don’t Quit” and urged well-wishers to always have a positive attitude towards life. She wrote, “#focus right and the #message is #bright it don't matter what's #written what matters is what we make of it. It's amazing how 'quitting' can still be a concept, when's out of the #question and is never the #answer #doit #persist #believe #flow  Life is movement I love you!!! (sic).”

A while before that she responded to the oft-asked question – Why is she single? She wrote, “WHY STILL #SINGLE they ask???WHY NOT? I answer 'I AM' secure in my choice and in being so, I can respect and appreciate another's choice..whatever it may be!!! After all, "singles or doubles, we play to win" As for me, let's just say, "I am yet to meet that SIRE, who loves to play with FIRE" #enoughsaid  #mmuuaah (sic).”

Sharp and beautiful, isn’t it?

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