Taimur Ali Khan Races With Kiara Advani And Guess Who Lost? - Watch Video

Here is an adorable video of Taimur Ali Khan racing with hottie, Kiara Advani, at a park. And what happened next will instantly win your heart

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Taimur Ali Khan Races With Kiara Advani And Guess Who Lost? - Watch Video

Chote nawab, Taimur Ali Khan is always a treat for sore eyes. And when he does his cute antics, it’s just irresistible. As we know paparazzi is always on alert to capture Kareena Kapoor Khan-Saif Ali Khan’s li’l wonder, so, here’s a gem from one of Taimur’s recent adorable act.

The munchkin has been captured racing with actress, Kiara Advani, at a park. A video showing the two racers giving tough competition to each other will win your heart, especially when Taimur decides to take a U-turn to fetch his ball, leaving Kiara alone in the race. Watch the video below:

Talking a little about Tim’s parents, recently, Saif Ali Khan left Kareena zapped on her chat show, as he asked the actress, what to do to get his wife’s attention, post a baby. Saif had asked Kareena, “Hi Kareena, it’s really nice to ask you a question for your radio show. Once you had a baby then people say that relationship and things change and wives get busy with child and the relationship changes slightly or she’s busy and doesn’t have as much time as she used to. So my question is, is there any way that a husband can get more attention or make wife happier post baby? Are there any tips you can give us in this direction? All the best, see you at home”

Replying to her husband, ‘Saifu’s’ query, Bebo had replied, “It’s really very cheeky of you Saifu to be asking this on national radio but either ways I shall answer it. I think a husband should just be there for a wife. Baby means a lot of extra responsibilities and by sharing them, wife will automatically get happy. As for attention, plan a nice date for her to some romantic location without the baby and then see the magic. And if the wife says that she wants to spend time with the baby then don’t feel bad. It doesn’t mean she loves you any less. It just means for some time, her perspective has changed. Anyway, hoping for a nice romantic date from you soon, Saifu.” While mom and dad plan for a romantic date, Taimur can brush-up his racing skills, what say?

Images Source: instagram/kareenataimoor,Viral Bhayani