The Untold, Sad Love Story Of Salman Khan's Nephew Abdullah, Who Passed Away- EXCLUSIVE

This is the sad love story of Salman Khan's nephew Abdullah, who passed away on March 30. And, it's coming to you EXCLUSIVE on

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The Untold, Sad Love Story Of Salman Khan's Nephew Abdullah, Who Passed Away- EXCLUSIVE
Salman Khan's nephew Abdullah (38) passed away on Monday evening at Mumbai's Lilavati Hospital. The body was taken to his hometown Indore, where the last rites were performed on Wednesday. The same evening, Salim Khan had spoken EXCLUSIVELY to

A source has revealed to us that Abba (as he was fondly called) was in a 3-year relationship with Miss India Universe 2005, Amrita Thapar. It was just about a few months ago that Amrita and Abdullah parted ways (READ SALIM KHAN INTERVIEW BELOW).


Amrita's parents were not too happy about them being together and both decided not to hurt them.
Amrita was very much with Abdullah even when he was admitted in Lilavati after his car was struck by a truck while he was on his way to Mumbai from Indore. She looked after him rather well and Abdullah returned to Indore after recovering in Lilavati.

On Sunday, a few of Abdullah's friends had tried reaching out to Amrita to inform her about his critical state. But Amrita did not take those calls as she felt that Abdullah was trying to come back into her life. It was a tough decision she had taken to end the relationship and she wanted to stick to it. We hear, those friends were calling up Amrita also for donating blood. Only if she knew or they'd texted!

Amrita is very sad at the moment and even though she may have broken off with Abdullah, the days ahead are not going to be easy for her. It's easy to say that time is a healer but ask those who are hit.

FYI, the brand Real Strong sponsored by Salman Khan was Abdullah and Amrita's brainchild. They were business partners in that venture and both invested a lot of time and effort in it. 

Our source also informs that Amrita would like to keep the vision and dream of the brand Real Strong alive as this is a vision she saw with Abdullah together and moreover, it was towards the well being of the armed forces and her father is an ex-army veteran."

Alas! All love stories don't have a Happy Ending.

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